COSC 2810 Systems Analysis and Design

Course Description: COSC 2810 Systems Analysis and Design covers the basic concepts involved in systems analysis, including effective communication, analysis tools, and phases of the systems development life cycle.




Weekly Assignments

Week 1 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 1

Week 2 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 2

Week 3 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 7

Week 4 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 9 First Mini-Project - Deliverable due on Monday 30 September

Week 5 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: None Exam #1 Demo Mini-Project

Week 6 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Week 7 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 3 First Mini-Project - Final Deliverable due on Monday 28 October

Week 8 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides:Chapter 8, Chapter 13

Week 9 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 10

Week 10 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 6 Second Mini-Project - Deliverable due on

Week 11 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: None Exam #2

Week 12 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides:Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 15

Week 13 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 14 Second Mini-Project - Final Deliverable due on

Week 14 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides: Chapter 16

Week 15 Assignment - PowerPoint Slides:

Week 16 - Exam #3 at 10:30 AM on 16 December


Additional Material

Creately is a web-based diagramming and collaboration application which we will use for the course mini-projects. You will only need to use the free [free - as in *free beer*] version to complete you project diagrams.

Here is a link to access the Microsoft Academic Alliance Software Center and links to instructions on how to access the site.

Quicksilver Messenger Service Business Scenario  This is a business scenario that we will use as an example to follow the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 

Preliminary Investigation Document Format This is a link to a Microsoft Word document describing the Preliminary Investigation Document format for the class pproject deliverable.

System Requirements Document Format This is a link to a Microsoft Word document describing the Systems Requirement Document format for the class project deliverable.

Data Dictionary Forms  Here are the forms for the data dictionary components.  They are saved as protected RTF format forms.  This makes them portable and eases the entry of data.  If you want to change the content or put several copies of a particular form on one page just turn off the protection.

Object-Oriented Approach

Use Case Description

Object Description





Example Interview Form This is an example of an interview form that would be used to find out information about potential information technology careers.

Here is a link to example content (link de-activated) from past course projects. This content should help you understand the course project expectations. Do not assume that this is the only acceptable submission format. I highly recommend that you regularly consult with me concerning your project content. I'm very willing to review draft project content. This review process is similar to actual structured walk throughs of analysis models and would be an enhancing experience for your project team.

Here is the PowerPoint slideshow (Data Mining Demystified) that I presented in class as an example for you to use. Remember, that this is a guide and not an absolute model. You have to present your project's requirements and convince your audience that you understand the business' requirements and needs.


Example Project Requirements Documentation Here are some examples of System Requirements documents from actual development projects.

EOS Aqua (PM) Ground System Requirements Document

The Semiconductor Tracker Detector Control System Requirements Document

Digital Audio-Visual Repository System (DAVRS) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT (SRD)

MK LGS Laser System Requirements Document