GNST 1300 01

Internet: Past, Present, Future

Instructor: Karl M. Kindt III

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GNST 1300 01
Internet: Past, Present, Future

The Internet has become the major influence in modern society and has transformed society in sometimes unimaginable ways. This great web of persons and ideas and things connected by invisible radio waves and transmissions has made life on planet earth so radically different than the past that it is hard to imagine life without it and the transformations it will still work on all of us are even more remarkable in our immediate future.

The Internet of the past and of today and of tomorrow links together not only knowledge and persons but things themselves.  Students will learn better how to use the internet to their advantage but also evaluate whether its use is always an advantage.


Course Objectives


Students, when through with the course, will be able to:


  1. Explain how the Internet of the past came into existence and why it was transformed into the World Wide Web.


  1. Explain what changes are imminent in the Internet within the next 5 to 10 years.


  1. Explain how the internet use currently has changed the way institutions like schools, libraries, business, hospitals, religious organizations, governments function and interact with clients.


  1. Explain how future changes in the internet are likely to change the way persons and institutions and governments will function.


  1. Evaluate whether the internet has as a whole been a wholesome influence or negative influence on persons and societies and offer one’s reasoning.


Reading Requirements:
Weaving the Web by Berners-Lee
Suggested Reading:
The Internet: Opposing ViewPoints by Helen Cothran


  1. Session I – What is the Internet/Web and How, Why and When was It Created
  2. Session II – How has the Internet Influenced Society and Persons and Things – and How Best to Use the Internet of Today – How has it Influenced Your Life to Date?
  3. Session III – Social Interaction and the Internet Up to Now and Into the Future
  4. Session IV – Education and the Internet Up to Now and Into the Future
  5. Session V – War and Peace and Things the Internet has and will likely change
  6. Session VI – Business and the Internet Up to Now and Into the Future
  7. Session VII – Art and Entertainment and the Internet Up to Now and Into the Future
  8. Session VIII – Government and the Internet up to Now and Into the Future and Student Presentations



Grading Criteria:


Exams will be based on reading material passed out in class and on the text book as well as lectures.  Final presentation of comments will involve the student research into a narrow topic of internet influence.  Comments will have to do with how the internet, for example, has changed the way persons meet each other and evaluate whether this change is on the whole for the better or on some other narrow topic of interest to the student.






Proposed Topic Ideas:

You may choose one of the below or submit a proposal for a project paper.


·          virtual museums of past, present and future - why they are in some ways better than the actual museums and how will they be shaped by future innovations regarding the web/internet?

·          universal document identifiers - but what about universal object identifiers - using 3d scanned images of objects that would be then identifiable by broadband wireless internet connections via a web enabled digital camera of the future - hence walks in woods to identify trees, animals, clouds, stars, etc - past present and future of objects being identified and methods used books, the web now as it helps us and the web of the future how it could help us.

·          satellite images linked to the above #2 and buildings and historical places so you could do deep map travelling in a place using the web and the links with broadband - is it being done now?

·          Universal object controllers - how have and are and will things be controlled via the internet? boarder patrol, military use, remote control of your home, nursing home/hospital control, operating machines by doctors, security in buildings, animal remote control like the roaches, pets, birds with web cameras attached, small vehicles to deliver things

·          has it changed the way people make connections for dates very much and who uses this service and how did these people do it before the internet

·          has it changed the way police officers work and if so how

·          firefighters

·          soldiers

·          teachers

·          nurses

·          being a patient

·          being a student

·          being a pizza delivery person

·          using a library

·          using a gas station

·          paying bills

·          making reservations

·          farming

·          selling things

·          buying things

·          celebrating events

·          communicating with each other

·          entertainment

·          writing / authoring

·          creating and distributing music

·          watching our children

·          controlling our pets


Word List and Abbreviation List


3.Tim Berners-Lee
5.Memory Palace
6.Enquire Herein About Everything
7.Internet Server
23.Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
24.Embedded vs. normal links
25.Chameleon websites
27.Intercreativity and interactivity

Each of these words and a few more presented during lectures are the links to all the knowledge you will be gaining in this class.  Link each of these words to other things you know in the class and the knowledge gained in this class will likely stay with you and be retrievable in your memory in the future beyond this 8 week course.  Linking of new knowledge to things you already know ought to be something you do in every course you take.  “The only thing valuable about an education is remembering what you have learned.”