InDesign Palettes and Tools

Document Setup and Page Layout
Rulers, Guides and Grids
Magnification and Zoom

Text Boxes and Shapes
Text - Adding, Selecting, Moving and Deleting
Styling Text and Paragraphs
Bullets and Indenting Paragraphs
Special Characters and Hidden Characters
Text Flow and Linking Text Frames
Text Frame Controls - Frame Inset & Justification

Frame Types, Creating Shapes, Lines and Auto Frames
Selecting/Deselecting Objects and Moving Objects
Replicating Objects, Grid of Objects, Step and Repeat, Resizing Objects
Transform Tools - Scale, Rotation, Shear, and Free Transform
Arranging Objects, Aligning and Distribution of Objects
Grouping/Ungrouping Objects and Locking/Unlocking Objects

Color Modes - CMYK, RGB and LAB
Ways of Creating Colors
Swatch Palette icons, Naming Colors, Process vs. Spot
Applying Colors, Deleting Colors, Moving Colors,Duplicating Colors, and Swatch Library
Tints, Un-named Colors, Using the Eyedropper to capture color, Overprinting
Creating Gradient Colors

Applying Object Fills
Applying Text Fills
Applying Gradient Fills and Modifying Gradient Fills
Stroke Effects
Creating Dashes
Arrows and Corner Effects
Adding Feathered Edges to Objects
Using the eyedropper for capturing attributes

The Pen Tool - Bezier Curves and Elements
Drawing Lines with the Pen Tool
Adding and Deleting Anchor Points

Placing and Replacing Graphics
Compound Shapes
File Formats of Graphics
Converting Text to Frames
Importing PDF files
Modifying Placed Images
Transform Palette
Fitting Graphics in Frames
Nesting Elements
Coloring Grayscale Graphics
The LINK Palette - Examining Links, Relinking, Link Info
EmbeddingUnbedding Graphics

Wrapping text around graphics
Creating Text on a Path
Using Paragraph Rules

Document Setup and Page Layout
Rulers, Guides and Grids
Magnification and Zoom

Color Management and Settings

Printing a Document
Print Summary / Preflight Report and Packaging
Saving a file in PDF format and Printing
Output Settings