John Aleshunas

Professor Emerirtus

Mathematics & Computer Science

Webster University

Office: 376 WSBT Building

Phone: 314.246.7565


PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Missouri - Saint Louis, 2013

MS, Computer Science, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1994

BS, Mathematics, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1975

Courses Taught


Current Courses


MATH 2200 Statistics

MATH 2410 Discrete Mathematics

MATH 3020 Numerical Analysis

MATH 3040 Differential Equations

MATH 3160 Linear Algebra

MATH 3210 Data Mining Foundations

MATH 3220 Data Mining Methods

MATH 3530 Modern Geometry

MATH 3610 Probability





Other Courses


GNST 1200 Freshman Seminar - Vicious Cycles

COSC 2670 Telecommunications

COSC 2810 Systems Analysis and Design

COSC 3410 Computer Security

COSC 3500 IT Project Management

COSC 4110 Database Concepts

COSC 4120 Database Applications

MATH 4200 Data Mining Foundations

MATH 4500 Applications of Mathematics - Foundations of Data Mining


COSC 5030 Agile Software Development Methodologies

COSC 5040 Distributed Database Systems

COSC 5050 Distributed Database Applications

COSC 5130 Computer Security & Reliability

CSIS 5400 Data Warehousing

CSIS 5410 Introduction to Data Mining

CSIS 5420 Data Mining

CSIS 5600 Decision Support Systems

DNAP 7510 Biostatistics for Nurse Anesthesia



Research Work

Canary - Software Suite for Data Mining Education The Canary Software Suite helps data mining students experiment with data mining algorithms. Canary is written in standard C++ and uses a graphical user interface developed with Qt. Each algorithm is packaged separately and can be used as a stand-alone application.

R Learning Infrastructure This project will develop an infrastructure that can help individuals easily learn and use R and RStudio. This infrastructure will include elements like: concept descriptions [modules], tutorials, exercises, example projects, resources, and references.



Data Mining Demystified an informal presentation (26 September 2006)

Baseball by the Numbers a Brown Bag presentation (27 March 2008)

Teaching the Building Blocks of Undergraduate Research, Webster University Teaching Festival, Transformational Learning Panel, (20 February 2012)

Questioning the Truth: Sabermetrics and Baseball, Walker School of Business and Technology Recruiting event, (6 March 2012)

In the Blink of an Eye? A discussion of digital insecurity, Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions Speakers Series, (26 March 2012)

Teaching the Building Blocks of Undergraduate Research, Webster University 2012 Teaching Festival (3 April 2012)

Problem-based Learning, Webster University Reflective Teaching Community (27 November 2017)

Teaching Climate Change Policy with a Little Number Crunching, Webster University 2018 Teaching Festival (4 April 2018)

Verify it for yourself, Webster University Global Citizenship 2018 Collaboratory (21 May 2018)




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